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About us

Launched in 2017 by mother-daughter team Win and Sasha, the brand & blog Original Human Co. is about taking it back to basics, rebelling against empty promises, hype and the idea that more is more.

(More is more is only true when it comes to coffee…) 




Perfect skin is a myth, but healthy skin that’s perfectly you isn’t. So we’ve ditched the one-size-fits-all approach and created a blog and skin care that recognizes that each of us is an original human.

Think of these serums as the foundation of your skin care routine, pulling it all together. And the blog as your place for tips, skin info and how to embrace the original human in you.

magnifying glass icon, original human co face serums are researched and trusted
Healthy skin starts with high quality ingredients, focused on the essentials... Researched and trusted.
leaf and heart icon, original human co face serums are made from ethical sustainable ingredients
Ethically sourced and sustainable natural and naturally-derived ingredients.
bunny and heart icon, original human co face serums are cruelty free
Tested on willing humans, never on animals.
serum bottle spraying flowers icons, original human face serums are your skin care foundation
Your skin care foundation, pulling it all together. For healthy skin that's perfectly you.


Choose the face serum for your skin type

Each serum is tailored for dry, breakout-prone, sensitive or dry skin, but can also be mixed, matched and layered to fit every original human.