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Be An Original Human… with @tonightsskincare’s Melissa Petrie

Reading Time: 5 minutes

#BeAnOriginalHuman is a new series featuring humans from all walks of life embracing what makes them original, and answering what being an original human means to them.

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Melissa Petrie is the person behind @tonightsskincare and Melissa Petrie Photography who lives being an original human in her work and personal life. We caught up with Melissa to chat skincare, photography and more!

Name: Melissa Petrie


Let’s kick this off, why don’t you introduce yourself:

My name is Melissa, I live right in the middle of Dallas and Fort Worth. 

I’m a photographer and I have a lot of varying interests that don’t really overlap in any way, which makes it difficult to make friends. I feel like I have friends from this group and friends from this group and no one is really in the middle like I am. 

It’s a lot of different things, like skincare, and then reptiles.  I love the outdoors—not that there is much to do outdoors in Texas which is why I have started doing indoor rock climbing—just a lot of varying passions. 

You don’t really think people who are into the indoors and like working out typically are huge into beauty. And then I have the reptile thing which usually puts everybody off!


Let’s talk about skincare since that’s how we connected. Tell us about your interest in skincare:

Skincare for me started the way it does for a lot of people which is a struggle with bad skin. In my case particularly it was cystic acne, and that’s something I struggled with a lot in high school and early college. It’s just now starting to subside a couple years later. Not sure why—if it’s aging or diet related or skin care related, I guess we’ll never know—but it’s something that still troubles me every now and again.

I stuck with skincare since there are a lot of other things I like about it. There are amazing brands doing amazing things with amazing ingredients, and just this whole world that I didn’t know existed that I really like being a part of.

A lot of people find it frivolous or vain but that’s never how I viewed things, especially with skincare. I view skincare as more of a self care, an act that you do for yourself. No one else knows if I put a cream on myself or face mask or something like that. That’s just for me. 

I love trying out skincare and trying new things, being exposed to new things and new products and new people. It’s an interesting community filled with a lot of different kinds of people that are coming together just for that one thing. 

If you had to describe your skincare routine in three words, how would you describe it?
Moisturizing, cleansing and hydrating!


When it comes to photography, it’s obviously a huge interest for you as well. You have your business and you have your clients and you have your own original style as a photographer. So what drives you to create in that way?

In terms of the photography that I share on Instagram specifically,  I’m really inspired and intrigued by taking a closer look and I took that a little bit literally and started taking the macro photos of skincare. 



I just want to make a space that was just a little bit different from everything else that you see on the platform. But I wanted to do things a little differently, a little bit edgier, [to create] something that I wanted to see as well.

Skincare is something that is very personal, very unique to each person. There is probably not a single person that has all of the same products that you have, there is just so much out there in the market. It’s so individual, tailored for you and why you find interesting and that is the thing about skincare… there’s no one size fits all. 

And that’s what I do with my instagram and my photography content. In skincare there are things that work for some people and don’t work for others. People think that there’s just one holy grail or anything like that and that just doesn’t exist. 

There’s nothing that’s going to work for everybody and I feel the same way for content. I don’t want to see the same thing from everybody because it’s inherently something that isn’t the same. 


I love it, I think the biggest message here is embracing what makes you you and a perfect segue into our last question: what does being an Original Human mean to you?

For me, being an Original Human means doing what you want to do and staying authentic to yourself, which sounds so cliche and it’s something that I feel you see all the time, even on Instagram… be you, be authentic, find your voice. 

No one really talks about how hard that can be, because it’s so hard to figure out yourself. Like me on Instagram, I was doing something for a long time that I didn’t even really love, which is stupid but that is what I saw from everybody else and that’s what everybody else wanted to see. I just assumed that nobody wanted to see anything different. 

It can be really difficult but my instagram went through a variety of different themes or stages or whatever you want to call it before I even found the one that I am in now. I tried a bunch of different things. I tried stuff with plants and I tried stuff on glass.  

All this different stuff and the whole time it wasn’t doing well. I could see my followers dropping and my engagement dropping but it can be hard. There were a lot of times I thought why don’t go back to what I did before but I had to push through and think no, I have to find my voice. 

I need to find what works for me and it’s so hard to figure out what that is and what that looks like to you as an individual because it looks different to everybody else.   


Follow Melissa:

You can find me on @tonightsskincare on Instagram, and my photography website is www.melissapetrie.com

No one really talks about how hard [it is to be an Original Human], because it’s so hard to figure out yourself.

Need more original human love in your life? Stay in touch!

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