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Be An Original Human… with Beau Undie’s Gina Harrison

Reading Time: 5 minutes

#BeAnOriginalHuman is a new series featuring humans from all walks of life embracing what makes them original, and answering what being an original human means to them. 

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Gina Harrison is the force behind Beau Undies who takes multitasking to do what she loves to the max. We caught up with Gina over Skype to chat life, business, her multitasking tis and what being an original human means to her! 

Name: Gina Harrison


Tell us a little about yourself:

My name is Gina Harrison. I am the CEO and co-founder of Beau Undies. Beau Undies is a subscription for women’s underwear. I am born and raised in Los Angeles and right now my main focus is growing my business but also juggling my family. I am actually pregnant with my second child now so it is going to be a bit crazier of a juggle but I am excited!


Describe your skin care routine in three words:

I guess the basics you would say: cleanse, scrub and moisturize. 

I love scrubs, even after cleansing my face! I am just an avid scrubber, whether that would be like an actual scrub or like a facial scrub cleanser type thing I really like scrubbing, and then moisturizing is really important to me. I have semi dry skin, especially in the winter so ya, moisturizing is really important as soon as I get out of the shower.

The winters here [in Los Angeles] actually do get pretty cold. I know a lot of people think it’s not… compared to the east coast or other places, it is definitely not as cold but it does get cold and the air does get dryer.


What inspired Beau Undies?

Beau Undies is a subscription for women’s underwear. 

The whole thing kind of came about because me and my friends were just hanging out one day and talking about random stuff, and the topic of underwear came up. 

It was discovered that it was we all shop at one big retailer. For something you wear every day and that you need to wear it is crazy how women don’t have many options. 

So I was like, “I think I can make my underwear cuter, more affordable and more convenient by having it delivered!” 

Just saving you an extra trip to go to the mall is kind of how it all came together.


Beau does something called #subscriptiononamission. What inspired that?

This is my first business so it was really important to me that I could give back to the community somehow and that be a factor in my business. Spending so much time on something, I needed it to be meaningful to me. 

The more I researched it, it really surprised me to find out that underwear is actually one of the most needed items, and one of the least donated items at organizations that help people in need. 

Especially for women, I think it’s really important because we have sanitary needs for underwear! So after finding that out, I definitely felt this is it… this is my calling! 

Initially the initiative was going to be a social media only thing where if you hashtagged #subscritiononamission that would qualify for us to donate a pair. 

But as we started growing and taking more orders, we wanted to give back more than the number of hashtags so now we also count an order. So every time we get an order there is also a pair donated. 

The last organization we donated to was the Downtown Women’s Centre in LA. It’s a really great organization where they help women in need down here so that was really awesome that we could help them out.


How do you balance running your business, being a mom and all the other things that come with living a good life?

One thing that a lot of people don’t know is that I also have another job that helps support not only our regular finances, but also helps support finance this business, and so it is actually three things that I have to juggle with here right now!  

I have always kind of a busy bee. I’m not really one of those people that like to sit down and just do nothing for a long time, so I think that helped a lot. 

I have noticed that in order to juggle these things it has to be something I am passionate about. 

I care a lot about my family so of course I am going to make time for them, I care a lot about this business so whatever time and effort it will take to do that, I will make that happen as well. 

And then my job is something that helps support both of those things so, you know I make time for it, too. 

It’s really just scheduling! I feel like at the bottom line you just have to schedule everything and once you get that in your calendar—literally minute by minute, what are you doing—you are somehow able to get it all done. 

I put everything into my calendar, even a small thing like plucking my eyebrows you know!


Throughout this, it’s clear that your values mean a lot to you. Your values seem to drive you. When it comes down to it, what does being an original human mean to you?

Well I think that everyone is original in their own way, whether they want to be or not. 

So I think it’s just really diving into that and kind of figuring out what means the most to you,  what you want to get out of life and every day taking the time and effort to get closer to that goal. 

For me I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, I have always wanted to start a business, not just one but many and so Beau Undies is really my stepping stone into that world. 

I have always wanted a family so I started that and I have never wanted to sacrifice one for the other, so I think that is one of my main goals in life is to be able to succeed in both, having a really close family but also being successful in business.


Follow Gina:

Find Gina at Beau Undies or on social media @BeauUndies on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

I think that everyone is original in their own way, whether they want to be or not. 

Need more original human love in your life? Stay in touch!

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