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Be An Original Human… with Dacia Thompson

Reading Time: 9 minutes

#BeAnOriginalHuman is a series featuring humans who are embracing what makes them original and what being an original human means to them.

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Dacia Thompson is the multi-hyphenate going places. She wears many hats, including entrepreneur and author and we sat down to chat about her motivations, work and what being an original human means to her!  

Name: Dacia Thompson


Thanks for joining us, please tell us a little more about yourself: 

Hi, I am Dacia. I am a quintessential Jamaican girl, living here in the States. I migrated here when I was twenty one and I have always had a sense of wanting to be my own boss, wanting to work for myself, and create access to employment for others.

Tell us a little about Chillology:

Chillology is a daily lifesyle brand offering teas/herbal infusions, feel good bites and intentionally crafted goods for self and home. When I find and set up a physical destination, I want to also offer manicures. For me, chill is in the sense of being well. Instead of using the word wellness because I think wellness [the word] is too trendy these days. Wellness is the destination, wellness is not a journey. 

You don’t journey through wellness, you journey to wellness. 

I pride myself in  that I don’t limit Chillology + Covet Chill (the blog aspect)  to a people of colour platform because that is also another thing I see going on in social media, and I do understand. But for me, being a Christian first, I believe in humanity and not the colour of your skin. 

We all go through shit and it really doesn’t matter what the colour of your skin is. Most of us have mental health issues, most of us have financial problems, most are trying to start their business, most of us have family issues, most are in careers. 

I am not going to limit my platform to just women because acts of self care and wellness is directly targeted to women. No one ever speaks to men. 

We all have a soul, we are all human beings and we all need to take care of ourselves and that is why I started Chillology + Covet Chill.

In terms of living a chill life, what are some of the biggest things you have found that help you lead a chill life?

I really enjoy simplicity.  It’s probably that I come from a country and background where I grew up not having much, so I understand not having and being content with not having, and I understand having. Because now I am here [in the States], I am working and am in a better position than I was living in Jamaica. 

I try to self care through nature. I love hiking. I love being outdoors so if I feel down I will drive 15 minutes to a hiking ground and I will just go by myself and take a long hike/walk and I decompress. 

I don’t need to go get a $150.00 massage. That is all good but then I think that sometimes we are saying “I need to do this expensive thing to decompress”.  Most self care practices are not for the 99%, they are all for the 1% of people…

S/Original Human Co.: Yes, self care has become consumerism… 

Right, it is all consumerism and the regular person that has an entry level 9-5 job salary cannot afford that. I find nature to be calming. Reading, I will sit at home and just unplug from social media, and read. 

I love movies, classical movies. I have been watching a lot of old movies lately. I love to laugh, so I love stand up comedies. 

Even taking a bath really decompresses me. Practicing my skin care is also a stress reliever for me, helps me chill. 

Doing my “good housekeeping” rituals/tasks (laundry, cleaning) also helps to get me centered!  

So those simple things… for me it comes back down to simplicity.

S/Original Human Co.: I feel like living a chill life will be different for every person…

A chill life is different for everyone. You know what your weaknesses are, you know where you are struggling, what you need to work on. You know the things that make you feel down, you know your stressors. 

It doesn’t have to be hiking, if you don’t like hiking I’m not going to say hiking is the best way to feel better. If you like riding your bicycle, do that. It could be that being chill is partying, [so then] go party. But then again, it should be balanced.

A 360 degree balance of all the ally’s (financially, spiritually, socially, physically, mentally) in our lives will contribute to our wellbeing.

That’s really interesting, because a lot of what I find, and why I don’t necessarily agree with the whole self care trend is because I feel like self care is focused on making yourself feel better in the moment. Sometimes to make yourself feel better or to make you a happier you in the long run you need to do the work. Not a lot of people talk about doing the hard work needed to get to that happier spot though. It’s instant gratification instead of delayed gratification. 

We’ve been following each other for a while now and you seem much more willing to tackle the hard work that needs to be done, along with talking about stuff that you can do right now. For example, maybe hiking is a better option if your bank account doesn’t look that great. You seem willing to have those conversations…

I always go back to my upbringing and how I was raised. I think because of how I was raised I am a mentally strong person. 

I lost my dad when I was four, almost lost my mom at the same time. Then my grandmother, my favourite grandmother, passed when I was thirteen. 

Growing up was kind of a struggle but then because (I’m not saying that you have to be a Christian or someone that believes in the Bible but I am) I believe that there is a God and that there is a higher power, that there is something  greater than all of my problems. That makes me feel much better to say wow, I can go on. 

Another thing that helps me to always come back to center when I am anxious or I am stressing out is that there are so many people in this world who have life so much harder than I have life right now. 

Why am I complaining, why am I being a bitch even though I know that everyone’s struggle is different and mine is valid as much as someone else’s is valid. 

Those are the things I think about, we all have shit going on.

Do you think that having that sort of perspective, whether you believe in a higher power or not, but having perspective is really important to be chill?

Yes, definitely. It’s the decisions that you make that lead us to where we are. It’s the decisions that propels us to a good life or a miserable life. If you make the wrong choice, it can lead to a lot of disappointments, which just causes a domino effect. And then you start resenting people, you start being bitter, and it’s not people, it really is you.

I always see this on social media… get rid of those toxic friendships, get rid of those toxic people. Sometimes you are the problem and you don’t realise you are the problem. 

That’s also a part of self care, we need people. We are social beings, we need people to socialise with, to talk to, you need a shoulder to cry on, you need people to laugh with. 

Mom actually told me once that you can’t really expect anyone to be perfect because there’s no way you’re perfect. Ultimately, if you do it in a really genuine, authentic way, recognising that nobody is perfect, you get really great friendships out of it. You make life easier for yourself and you get to that place of being more chill.

Yeah, that’s true. We could spend the entire day talking about perspective. It is really how you choose to monitor the relationships in your life. You could have a friend that isn’t really as ambitious as you are, but you can always still love that person, communicate with that person but then create healthy boundaries. 


Let’s chat about skin care! Tell me what is it about skin care that you love—you mentioned skincare in your self care roots—and could you tell us a little about your skincare story.

Just entering adolescence, I had no issues in puberty, I had no breakouts, I went through puberty real smooth.

I think I learned from my mom, she is always big on hygiene, her hygiene is always top notch and she would always take care of her kids. I would do it because I saw her doing it. 

I came [to the States] in the winter. It was December 2014 and then in 2015, in the summer, my face just started to break out. I didn’t know what to do! I was very nervous, pimples started coming, bumps started coming, then I would pop them and there would be scars and my self esteem was really really affected.

I tried Pro-active and all it did was bleach my skin. I felt so bad, that’s when I really started to get a lot more self conscious about my face. 

I have never been one to love makeup because I’m not good at it. But I started to wear a little face cream or foundation but then, the pimples would show, it would just cover the spots a little and the pimples would show.

After much self-loathing, I decided to try products with less harsh ingredients. It doesn’t have to be natural from the earth but as long as it is less harsh chemicals.

I started to do my research on cleaner, less harsh products though they were made in a lab, but it has to be less harsh. Instagram came in handy! I started to research more around my skin type and what I should do to my skin. 

I removed and cut back on a lot of unhealthy foods from my diet such as milk, artificial juices, and sweets, and alcohol, and added in physical activities.

Skin is really beautiful. I love the body, I love biology, I love everything that has to do with just the body. That is how my journey started. It started out being really frustrated, not knowing what to do. I know I didn’t have medical acne where I needed to go to a dermatologist but I self diagnosed adult acne. 


If you describe your skincare today and your routine how would you describe it in three words?

I would say fun, intentional in terms of well thought out, and very simple. I approach most things with a minimalist mindset so it’s fun, intentional and simple.

Amazing, tell me about the fun part!

I think the fun part is really in doing, putting on the mask, listening to music. Sitting down on the toilet, you know, we all do that… making your mask, letting it dry. Going on to Instagram, doing something 

Or it could just be putting on the serum at the end of the night, patting on the serum, saying yes, you are a queen, yes you deserve all this, yes! Patting in the serum and giving myself some affirmation, those are all the fun parts. 

In terms of intentional I am careful what I put on my body, very careful and I have gotten to the point where I have learned to shut myself off from product bombardment, there are so many brands out there, so many skin care lines. It’s just too much, it’s overwhelming, especially for me that loves skin care. I am not going to go broke though.

How do you shut those off?

I just know that if I find a brand that I love, that works for me, I’m going to buy it again. It could take me another 6 months to repurchase but I am definitely going to buy it again. While I have products that I want to be finished, it’s like I just don’t think about them. 


Lastly, what does being an original human mean to you?

It means speaking up for yourself, and being a voice for others. Being authentically you, not following a trend or every bandwagon. If something doesn’t work for you, don’t do it. Find what you like. 

It means loving people and being a decent person, a decent human being. 

Treat everyone with respect. Advocate for others and build meaningful relationships. 

I try to be me at all times and own up to my stuff. If I’ve done wrong, I acknowledge it and apologise, I’m true to myself and my faith. 

Follow Dacia:

Find Dacia at Chillology.co or on Instagram

We all have a soul, we are all human beings and we all need to take care of ourselves and that is why I started Chillology + Covet Chill.

Dacia's serum:

the Blue one

Blue is the colour of water, which is fitting if your ultimate goal is hydrated, glowy goodness.

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