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How to tell what your skin type is...

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Knowing your skin type is critical to knowing what you need to be doing to help it be it’s best, healthy, glowing self. Here’s how to tell what your skin type is!

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Knowing your skin type is critical to knowing what you need to be doing to help it be it’s best, healthy, glowing self. Skincare can be as minimalist or as complicated as you like, but you HAVE to at least make sure it’s tailored to what your skin needs.

By knowing your skin type and giving her what she needs, you’ll have the kind of wonderful relationship most people only dream of. Treat your skin well and she’ll be kind to you.

Why you should get to know your skin type

It’s universally known that different skin types exist and all need different things. Making sure you’re giving your skin the right ingredients and treating it to the right nutrients can feel amazing (hello facial massage!) and work wonders. Getting familiar with your skin type and using products that work with your skin’s natural strengths is essential to keeping it healthy. 

Skin type is determined by a range of factors – some you can control, such as your skin routine, and some you can’t, such as genetics and environment. The good news is that including products in your routine that work with your skin type, as opposed to against it, can be a total game-changer.

The more complementary your products, the better your skin can cope with life.

The skin types:

Come with us – get to know your skin type and how to work with it…


Dry skin is more likely to feel tight or rough the majority of the time, especially after cleansing. You may also experience dullness, patchiness, or flakiness – all strong indicators of dry skin and surefire signs that your skin isn’t getting what it needs.

Triggers can be anything from a slight breeze to thinking about the outside (kidding!) but the great news is that this you almost never suffer from breakouts – woooo!

You benefit most from our Blue One facial oil – containing high levels of oleic acid and vitamin E your skin will love you for.


Your skin feels comfortable the majority of the time. Rarely tight and almost never oily, normal skin works well with most products. You rarely suffer from dryness or oiliness and almost never breakout either. You really do have it all!

The Orange One is great for you.


Those with oily skin will be familiar with blotting papers as shininess is common – usually starting off not great and getting progressively worse. You’ll also be familiar with breakouts, as they’re an unfortunate regular occurrence, and visible or enlarged pores are another key
indicator of oily skin. All in all, this can be a rough deal.

Our Purple One has all the wonderful plant oils you need for fresh, balanced skin. Nervous about putting oil on oily skin? Don’t be, it really can work wonders.

Read our choosing a face oil for your skin type blog for more info.


You’ve got combination skin if your t-zone (a fancy way of saying nose and forehead!) are regularly oily and shiny but other areas, such as your cheeks, feel rough, dry, or tight. Breakouts are infrequent and usually isolated.

A tricky skin type to manage, you need products that complement both oily and dry skin, our Purple One face serum contains lots of lovely ingredients to balance you out.


If your skin becomes easily irritated or inflamed – sometimes seemingly by nothing! – you’ve got sensitive skin. Triggers for flare-ups can include fragrances, allergens, or climatic changes and are different for everyone.

Sensitive skin havers can, understandably, be nervous about trying new products as skin can become red, itchy, and/or stings whenever they stray from tried and tested products. You may also have a diagnosis of rosacea, eczema or dermatitis that needs to be factored in. 

You get a really rough deal because your skin can also be Normal, Combination, Dry, or Oily – that’s a lot of stuff to contend with! 

Being careful about what goes on your skin is super important, so the more natural the better. Our Green One facial oil is great for you.

Keep in mind:

You’re unlikely to have 100% of one skin type, for example, you could be on the drier side of dry (needing lots of moisturising ingredients) or the normal side of oily (can use less oil-targeted products). Everyone is different!

Skin type is the overall condition of your skin, whereas a skin concern is a specific issue you want to combat. Say it with us! Skin type is different from skin concern. Thank you. 

Redness, for example, is a skin concern that can appear no matter your skin type. 

You’ve probably heard the myth that only certain skin types can get breakouts; we’re here to tell you that’s not true (sorry!). Although most common with oily skin, any skin type can have a breakout.

Work with your skin type

Knowing what your skin type is means you can come from a position of power – heck yes!

Ready to get glowing skin? Use products that complement your skin type to minimise issues and feel confident af 🧡

Share with us--what is your skin type? Or if you’re still unsure which one is right for you, feel free to send us your questions and we’d love to help!

The more complementary your products, the better your skin can cope with life.

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