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"These serums have been a life-saver, especially with the transition between seasons. At my last facial I was told my skin was getting more clear 💁"

Catrinel P.

"I’m impressed. It’s my first try using an oil-based serum, and I’ve learned a lot about my skin in the process. A little of this serum goes a long way, and it’s moisturizing enough to use alone." - KatieBrewing Up Style

I’m addicted 👏  after my skin being all over the place from traveling! I been using it morning and night even if I’m tired or late and my skin is very thankful!" - Jacqueline, @jackieoxo

"Really been loving this oil for both night time and morning! Its light enough to wear under makeup and give it a nice glow but nourishing enough for night time wear as well ❤️" - Susanah, @ohthatsuzie

"Loving this serum by Original Human lately. I’ve been mixing it with my night cream for a little added nourishment in the winter months." - Shea,  @shea_ish

"Used it a few times and it’s super hydrating. A staple during the brutal Chicago winters. You guys rock! I’m loving my serum." @go_withthe_glow

"I'm obsessed with it already!" - Sarah, @sar.ahmills

"So far, I’ve used it at night, post toner. My skin feels super plump and hydrated the next morning." - Lauren, @thehonestbeautyreview_

"A nourishing, lightweight and easily absorbed serum that calms and heals my stressed-out-from-moving skin." - Jenny, @jennyliublog

"I have noticed a huge change in the redness in my cheeks! It is the first thing I put on before moisturizer both at night and in the morning." - Briana, @brianalea_stylist