Original Human Discovery Kit

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Discover your original skin care and face serum, mix and match as needed, or travel light with this four pack of 5 mL sample sized serums.

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Discover your original skin care and face serum, mix and match as needed, or travel light with this four pack of 5 mL sample sized serums.

“These serums have been a life-saver, especially with the transition between seasons. At my last facial I was told my skin was getting more clear 💁

Each sample pack includes:

Kalahari Melon Facial Serum

For acne-prone or combination skin.

With a base of Kalahari Melon oil, this serum balances sebum production with essential fatty acids and lipids to support skin’s natural barrier function, which means healthy, flowing skin and less breakouts. High concentrations of naturally occurring Vitamin C and other actives protect and calm the skin and promote faster healing, so any active breakouts are less likely to scar.

Mongongo Facial Serum

For glowing skin of all types.

This Mongongo oil-based serum is perfect for those looking to smooth out rougher texture, fine lines, and wrinkles. Natural antioxidants combat damage and signs of aging, making this oil perfect for both day and night use. Anti-inflammatories like zinc reduce redness and keep skin calm, while essential fatty acids strengthen the skin’s barrier and protect against dryness, so your skin keeps the moisture without being greasy.

Baobab Facial Serum

To protect and strengthen sensitive skin.

This Baobab oil-based serum is perfect for those with sensitive skin who need to soothe irritation. High concentrations of essential fatty acids protect while naturally occurring vitamins and antioxidants strengthen cell structure and elasticity. Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, this serum has a thicker texture and is perfect for protection against the elements, especially in winter.

Marula Facial Serum

For drier skin types.

With a base of Marula oil, this serum is perfect for those looking to improve moisture levels. With a luxurious texture that still feels light, it’s rich in Vitamins A, B, D, amino acids, potassium, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids to calm redness and flakes. Pair with your favourite toner or hydrosol to lock moisture in, day and night.

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  1. CJ

    This was the best way to figure out which serum works best with my skin. Turns out a combo of the Kalahari Melon and Mongongo work best when I use them together, and I wouldn’t have known without getting all 4 to try! Now I know what to order moving forward. I also bought this for my mom for mothers day and she was over the moon excited! Love love love the Discovery Kit!

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