Original Human Co. Mongongo Facial Serum

mongongo facial serum

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Original skin care for glowing skin of all types. 

This lightweight oil serum is meant to get that glow and smooth out rougher texture, fine lines and wrinkles. Helps fight signs of aging and collagen breakdown while gently stimulating circulation and cell regeneration to improve overall skin tone. So you can glow, glow, glow!

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Original Human Co. Mongongo Facial Serum

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"Used it a few times and it’s super hydrating. A staple during the brutal Chicago winters. You guys rock! I’m loving my serum." @go_withthe_glow


"Really been loving this oil for both night time and morning! Its light enough to wear under makeup and give it a nice glow but nourishing enough for night time wear as well ❤️" @ohthatsuzie


"Loving this serum by Original Human lately. I’ve been mixing it with my night cream for a little added nourishment in the winter months." @shea_ish



Schinziophyton Rautanenii (Mongongo) Kernel Oil, Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Seed Oil, Passiflora Edulis (Passion Fruit) Seed Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Commiphora Wildii (Namibian Myrrh) Oil, Daucus Carota (Carrot) Seed Oil


Gently massage 2-4 drops onto clean skin morning and night as required. Apply this as one of the last steps in your routine, and let absorb for a minute or two if applying SPF and makeup after.